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Upper level reading room
Agnes Irwin Upper School Library

Upper level reading room 

Selecting Your Style: Classroom Furniture Arrangements Influence Pedagogy 

School Planning & Management, October, 2011 

The Architectural Jumble 

American School Board Journal, October 2011 

Building A Successful Addition 

American School Board Journal, February 2007 

There's No Place Like Home 

College Planning & Management, August 2007 

Spaces for Teaching Science 

American School Board Journal, April 2006 

Break A Leg 

American School & University, November 2005 

Making it Readable 

American School & University, November 2006 

The Case for Transformation 

College Planning & Management, August 2004 

Reinventing Schools 

Learning By Design, Spring 1999 

Schools to Scale 

American School Board Journal, October 1999 

A Sum of Its Parts 

American School & University, January 1999