In his new book, Finding the Place of Architecture in the Landscape, Peter Gisolfi asserts that the most successful architecture relates clearly and unabashedly to setting - to landscape. This is a different approach to architecture and landscape architecture in its focus on spatial types instead of building types. This book examines 40 projects by Peter Gisolfi Associates, large and small, with site plans, building plans, renderings, and photographs. Unlike traditional monographs which are organized by project types, Mr. Gisolfi has chosen to organize the book by settings, based on the types of landscapes encountered: 

Townscape is the landscape of cities, towns, and villages. 

Campus addresses the interdependence between buildings and open space that creates a composite designed place, a designed landscape. 

Landscapes and Buildings addresses exurban settings, open green landscapes - designed, vernacular, or natural. 

Gardens and Houses embraces the Italian villa idea and the Romantic landscape tradition. 

Transformation is the adventure of changing a building or landscape that already exists.