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Barnard College of Columbia University  

Barnard College of Columbia University

Project Information

Milbank Hall, by Charles Rich, was the first academic building constructed on the Barnard campus in 1897.  Barnard Hall, by Arnold Brunner, was built in 1910; it is directly on axis with Low Library on the Columbia University campus.  Projects in both Milbank Hall and Barnard Hall sought to restore the spirit of the original buildings, compromised by inappropriate renovations over an 80-year period. 

Barnard Hall:  We completed significant transformations of the main entry lobby and Held Auditorium.  Held was originally the College's library and was repurposed into a lecture hall in the 1950s with low ceilings and no interior details.  Large east-facing windows were bricked in, and the room had the appearance of a poorly finished basement.  Held was transformed with a new sloping wood floor, seating and details appropriate to the building.  The bricked-up windows were reopened to connect the lecture hall back to the campus.  The room can be darkened with sliding shutters that disappear into the panelled walls.

Milbank Hall:  Krueger Lecture Room was also a remnant of a 1950s conversion.  We transformed this uninspired space into a terraced lecture room for the music department, with new windows, handsome wood detailing, cork flooring, and computerized technology. 

Barnard College
New York City, NY
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