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Scarsdale Union Free Schools 

Scarsdale Union Free Schools 

Scarsdale Union Free Schools
Scarsdale, NY

Project Information

  • ​​Campus Planning

  • Renovation / Restoration

  • Transformation

  • New Construction

  • Multiple Projects

  • 2004 Learning by Design Citation of Excellence​​

  • 1996 Historic Educational Buildings Award​

  • 1994 AIA 1st Honor Community Design Award​

  • 1994 NY State Governor's Certificate of Merit for Architectural Excellence

Honors and Awards

For thirty years, we worked continuously on every school building in the Scarsdale School District on projects totaling over $150 million in construction cost.  Our work included multiple additions and renovations at all seven schools, funded by four consecutive bonds, completed in phases. 


The projects involved exterior improvements (roofs, windows, masonry), interior improvements (classrooms, rooms for science, art, and music, offices, libraries, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, and gymnasiums), upgrades or replacement of MEP and life safety systems, ADA compliance improvements, technology upgrades, and sitework (parking, fields, playgrounds).  Significant projects included:

Athletic Centt

Athletic Center at Scarsdale High School

At Scarsdale High School we transformed a freestanding gym and locker room building into an Athletic Center.  The Center now has a full competition gym, the original smaller gym, a fitness center, expanded locker rooms, training rooms, and offices for the staff.  The Athletic Center is connected to the main school building with a new enclosed corridor.  These new structures form the edges of a new courtyard.

In addition, we designed Butler Field used by the school and the community for football, lacrosse, and track events,  as well as weekend and summer adult and youth programs.  The project consisted of the installation of an artificial turf field with an underdrain system, a new track surface, and new bleachers.


Scarsdale High School Library

The new library for Scarsdale High School was created inside the volume of an early 20th-century double-height gymnasium, positioned above the cafeteria at the center of the school. 

The plan for the 12,800 sf library is derived from the simple 60x90-foot rectangle of the original gymnasium. A new mezzanine was inserted into the volume of the original space.  It surrounds the main floor of the library and is connected to the main level by two open staircases at each end.  With this configuration, most of the library can be seen and supervised from both the main and mezzanine levels.  A new roof is raised above the mezzanine.  Translucent clerestory windows in the walls supporting the roof flood the library with soft, natural light. 

The library accommodates an extraordinary variety of activities simultaneously in a space that is easily serviced and supervised by a small staff.  It serves students working independently, those collaborating on projects (which often require quiet research), and students receiving instruction in the library's two classrooms.  Because of its adjacency to the cafeteria and common spaces, the library is a place of constant student activity and engagement.

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