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Longwood Public Library
Middle Island, NY
  • Renovation

  • Transformation 

  • New Construction

  • 48,000 sf

  • LEED Platinum

Honors and Awards


  • 2016 New York Library Association Public Library Building Award

  • 2016 AIA Westchester/ Hudson Valley Honor Award


Longwood Public Library was constructed in the 1980s on a tight budget. To save money, many windows were eliminated from the original design.  Views toward a four-acre nature preserve were minimized by narrow windows and blocked by two-story stacks. The building's interior was drab, cramped and uninviting.  Nevertheless, it was a gathering place of constant activity for 30 years. 

Project Information


Key objectives for the new design:

  • Connect the library visually to the natural landscape.

  • Organize the building to be easily understood by the public.

  • Create a civic presence on suburban Route 25.

  • Modify the building to be transparent and filled with daylight.

  • Reconstruct the building to be energy conserving.

The existing library was expanded from 35,000 to 48,000 sf and completely transformed.  The focus of the original building was changed to engage with the woods, and a new two-story wing was added to the west side of the building.  The former stack area became a light-filled, double-height reading room facing south to a new reading terrace and the nature preserve.   All of the major public spaces in the renovated building and new wing also look out to the woodland. 

The building is a model of sustainable design, with a stable interior environment, access to natural light, energy efficient lighting and building systems.  It was awarded LEED Platinum certification.

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