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Weinroth House & Gardens 

Weinroth House & Gardens 

Project Information

  • Renovation

  • Transformation 

  • New Construction

The original Weinroth house was a 1920s Georgian building placed as an object in space, overlooking a steeply sloping, two-acre site that faces west to the Hudson River and the Palisades. The house was elongated in the north-south direction, parallel to the slope of the land and parallel to the river. Our design changes included a major addition to the building — an indoor pool that is perpendicular to the original house — and a complete transformation of the landscape. As a result, the building is directly connected to three outdoor spaces.

Weinroth House & Gardens
Riverdale, NY

We have created an eclectic landscape which draws from both the Classical and Romantic traditions. In addition, much of the planting has the exuberant feeling of a naturalistic, English cottage garden. The original "object in space" house has been transformed into a villa in which the interior spaces and the outdoor rooms are intrinsically connected.

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