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Flower House & Gardens 

Flower House & Gardens 

Flower House & Gardens
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

The Flower House is located on an 11,000 sf, steeply sloping lot that relates to two different landscape contexts. The first is a narrow suburban street of the 1920s in which similarly scaled houses are located on 100-ft-wide lots with a common front yard setback. The second landscape context is the lower Hudson River Valley and the southwestern view which overlooks the river and the Palisades.

In response to the street context, the house appears as a simple, symmetrical, gable-roofed building, with a clapboard façade and a traditional front porch. In response to the hillside and the Hudson River landscape, the building is asymmetrical, covered in wood shingles, with a stepped plan that allows both south and west exposures in every major room.  On a difficult, steep site, the house and garden read both as a traditional American house — a simple object building on the street — and as a series of interconnected indoor and outdoor rooms derived from the more complicated tradition of Italian villa ideas.

Project Information

  • New Construction

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