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Meyers House  

Meyers House 

Meyers House
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

The Meyers House is sited on a small, cliff-side lot overlooking the Hudson River.  Because of the dramatic topography and its change in grade, uninterrupted views of the Hudson and the Palisades across the river have an astounding impact at every level of the house. We designed the building to be elongated on the north-south axis, so that every room would face west to take advantage of the views.

  • New Construction

Project Information

On a dramatically sloping site, there is a tendency to create a building that is an object in space, as in the English Romantic style. When seen from the west, this building does appear to be an object, even though it is nestled into the hillside. But from the east, the building and landscape take on another aspect: they reflect the villa tradition of interconnected indoor and outdoor rooms, carved from the slopes and defined by land and building forms. In this way, the Meyers House combines two important traditions to find a unique place in the landscape.

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