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Horowitz House & Gardens 

Horowitz House & Gardens 

Horowitz House & Gardens
Englewood Cliffs, NY

The Horowitz House was a 14-room, 6,200-square-foot relic of the 1890s, situated on a sloping, two-acre site. It was in a state of disrepair, covered in white asbestos shingles, with asphalt roofs, and an interior plan that suffered from many alterations. The site was completely overgrown with little evidence of the original landscape remaining.

We gutted the interior and stripped off all of the exterior building materials except the frame, sheathing, and original stonework.  We replaced the asbestos shingles with red cedar shingles and added a porte-cochère, a surrounding veranda, and a major addition, which projects into the rear garden. We then designed a new guest house, potting shed, and garage, and connected the second building to the original house with a wooden arcade and lattice fence.

The Horowitz project is grounded in three uniquely American traditions:  the Shingle style, the Romantic landscape style of A. J. Downing, and the Italian villa tradition of Charles Platt.  The original house has been transformed and expanded into an American villa that engages a series of outdoor spaces. 

Project Information

  • Renovation

  • Preservation

  • Transformation 

  • New Construction

  • Historical Preservation

Honors and Awards


  • 2002 Englewood Historical Society Preservation and Restoration Award.


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