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Weston Public Library 

Weston Public Library 

Project Information

Weston Public Library
Weston,  CT

  • Renovation

  • Transformed

  • 14,000 sf


The original Weston library building opened in 1963 to much acclaim.  The building combined the architectural motifs of stone walls and wood structures found often in Connecticut landscapes with modern forms and spatial arrangements.  Using the iconic Barcelona Pavilion as a reference, Weston was designed to blur the edges between interior and exterior space. 

The original Weston library building opened in 1963 to much acclaim. 

Even though the library was expanded in 1985 and 1994, its burgeoning collection pushed into places where patrons could read, relax. or study.   By 2017, the building was cramped, worn, and in need of an update.

The interior of the library has been reconfigured.  The bookcases have been spatially arranged to create a variety of seating areas for the patrons, including a young adult area, a small café, meeting rooms, a makerspace, quiet study areas and a periodicals area.  Building systems have been upgraded to meet code and access to technology has been enhanced with more digital stations, WiFi spots, and electrical outlets.  New lighting and 

windows create balanced light levels throughout the library.  All of this was accomplished while the library remained open and in use.


By improving its configuration and ambience, Weston has been transformed.  It is, once again, a welcoming, comfortable community resource for patrons of all ages and interests.

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