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Darien Library 

Darien Library 

Project Information

Darien Library
Darien, CT

  • New Construction

  • 57,000 sf

  • LEED Gold

Honors and Awards

  • 2013 AIA Westchester/Hudson Valley Honor Award

  • 2009 CT Green Building Council Most Intriguing Award


The new Darien Library was the first LEED Gold certified library in New England.  Its design was influenced by its setting, by new ideas about library usage and organization, by advances in information technology, and by theories of sustainable design.   

Key objectives for the new design:

  • Emulate New England public buildings, with brick exterior wall sand slate roofing

  • Create Inspiring spaces for reading, study and collaborative learning

  • Create interconnected spaces that are open and transparent to each other

  • Embrace new ideas about public libraries with flexibility for the future

  • Intermingle seating and book collections, without large areas devoted to stacks.

  • Create a community cultural center for a variety of activities

01_Darien concept plan.jpg

Through its use of traditional materials and classical forms, the 57,000 sf library establishes an important civic presence in a commercial area of the Town of Darien.  Outwardly, the library respects the town's architectural traditions; on the inside it is timelessly modern.  It is a new type of library: it is a community center, a technology library, and a traditional library. All spaces in the library are interconnected and transparent to each other.

Located on a remediated brownfield site, the building uses local materials that are natural and non-toxic. The building’s thermal mass and energy efficient envelope produce a stable interior environment.  The geothermal system has controls for individual areas and all spaces have access to daylighting and views. The site design includes biofiltration and storage of storm water on site, and extensive use of native trees and shrubs.

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