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  • Transformation

  • Renovation / Restoration

  • Adaptive Reuse

  • 3,200 sf

Timothy Dwight College Library at Yale University
New Haven, CT

Timothy Dwight College, one of the 12 residential colleges at Yale, accommodates approximately 400 undergraduate students. The original library at T. D., was a 940 sf space located on the second level of the "Town Hall" opposite the main entry to the college. It was too small to serve the needs of the college and did not connect directly to other nearby public spaces. 

Two design options were explored.:

  • Doubling the size of the library by renovating the first floor coatroom and two restrooms which occupied the same footprint as the second floor library;

  • Tripling the size of the library by renovating the first floor spaces and excavating an existing crawl space directly below the first floor coat room and restrooms.

When the second option proved structurally feasible, the larger plan was approved.

The transformed library occupies three interconnected, light-filled levels, served by a winding stair adjacent to existing windows overlooking the college quadrangle.  The plan establishes a vertical link to the major circulation pathways, creating a stronger connection to the the common room and dining hall in the adjacent building. The library's original finishes were completely restored; its details were replicated on the middle and lower levels to create a seamless interior which appears to be original to the building.  

Project Information


Honors and Awards


  • 2004 AIA Westchester/Hudson Valley Honor Award

  • 2003 CT Building Congress Project Team Award

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