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Bronxville Village Hall 

Bronxville Village Hall 

  • Renovation

  • Transformation 

  • New Construction

Bronxville Village Hall
Bronxville, NY

The primary purpose of the transformation, renovation, and expansion of the Bronxville Village Hall was to create a more welcoming building to serve as the center for local government and as a permanent gallery to showcase the work of local artists.  Small additions and the reclamation of basement space added 5,000sf of assignable space to the existing 14,000 sf building.  

The second purpose of the transformation was to create an accessible and sustainable “new” building from a 1942 building.  Through a series of sustainability initiatives, the building now consumes about 50% of the energy of a code-compliant building of similar size, and about one-third of the energy that it previously consumed.  

The transformed Village Hall provides larger, updated space for the Bronxville Police Department, a renovated courtroom, and new administrative spaces.

Project Information

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