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Hastings Municipal Building 

Hastings Municipal Building 

  • Renovation

  • Transformation 

Hastings Municipal Building
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

A series of ad hoc renovations over time compromised the space available to the Village offices and departments, leaving them crowded, disconnected, and ill-suited to provide service to the public. Circulation was confusing, and the interior was a hodge-podge of styles and quick fixes that were not in the spirit of the building’s original design language.  Original detailing, moldings, and finishes were ill used or lost.  Building systems had to be upgraded, and the building had to be made ADA compliant.
With the renovation and reconfiguration of the interior spaces, office and department functions are now grouped together in spaces that are appropriate for their needs. Improvements were made to lighting, finishes, circulation pathways, and the scale and proportion of interior spaces.

Project Information

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