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King School  

King School

Project Information

King School
Stamford, CT

  • ​​Renovation

  • Addition

Anticipated Completion: September 2026

The King School is an independent school in Stamford, CT serving students from Pre-K to Grade 12. The Upper School is strengthening its innovation and exploratory programming with an emphasis on STEM subjects as well as enhancing their athletics facilities. In addition, the Pre-K and Kindergarten programs will be improved with brighter classrooms and better access to the outdoors for nature-related programing in line with the school's Reggio Emilia curriculum for the youngest children.

The Lower School early childhood program spaces will be completely renovated and include a new dedicated entry and lobby, interior circulation linking the classrooms, convenient access to the central courtyard and dedicated play yard, enhanced natural light to the spaces, and upgrades to the services.

The Upper School addition will provide a grand commons space for students to gather casually and for special events, a new Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), and new learning spaces. The umbrella of CRI programs houses display and group experimental space as well as a well-equipped innovation lab and adjacent seminar room. The specialized "ASPIRE" program whose goal is to achieve true excellence within science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics, and various seminar and collaboration spaces  encouraging group work will also have a home in the new building

The Upper School addition and renovation also enhances the athletics department spaces including full renovations of the locker rooms, new offices for the athletics staff and trainers, and new fitness and weight training facilities.

The new spaces at the King School will propel it into the forefront of innovative progressive education and support their mission to promote critical thinking and reasoned reflection.

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