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Peter Gisolfi has written more than 110 articles on design issues which have been featured in national publications such as Learning by Design, American School Board Journal, Landscape Architecture, American School & University, School Planning & Management, College Planning & Management, Terrain, History Magazine, and Planning Magazine.  He has lead numerous workshops on campus planning, school design, and library design, and has been invited frequently as a speaker, guest lecturer, critic, and juror.  His book, Finding the Place of Architecture in the Landscape was published in 2008 by Images Publishing for their Master Architects Series.  

Most recently Peter Gisolfi wrote a book that was published by the American Library Association (ALA), Collaborative Library Design from Planning to Impact. It focuses on collaborative design and the roles of administrators, librarians, and architects in creating successful libraries. All three libraries recommended as site visits for this project are highlighted in the book. 

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Featured Articles:



An article about what school buildings will be like in 25 or 50 years. 

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