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Bronx River Parkway Rehabilitation 

Bronx River Parkway Rehabilitation 

Project Information

The Bronx River Parkway was the first divided-grade parkway constructed in America; it was completed in 1925. The Bronx River Parkway Reservation, a 1,155-acre expanse that parallels the parkway, was the first parkland in Westchester County.

Our initial work along the Bronx River Parkway was a landscape renovation rather than a restoration. Adopting the romantic landscape approach, we designed paths that meander sensuously in harmony with the topography and the new berms, and we grouped new trees into naturalistic masses of native species.  We constructed new bridges,  and installed new benches and new plantings. The County Parks Department adopted our path designs and bridge as prototypes for subsequent projects.

Our work continues with the rehabilitation of various sites along the Bronx River Preserve between Bronxville and White Plains, including reconstruction of the bikeway along the river, revetments along the river banks and the construction of a new pedestrian and biking bridge over the river. 

Bronx River Parkway Rehabilitation
Selected Locations
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