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The visual and performing arts at the new Irvington HS/MS Community Campus are served in a variety of new and renovated spaces.  These include new music rehearsal rooms in the Cafeteria/Science/Music building, renovated art spaces adjacent to the new library (formerly the auditorium), and a new 60,000 sf Arts & Athletics building.

The Arts & Athletics Center features a 740-seat proscenium style theatre which is used for school and community events and performances.  It is divided into three distinct seating areas:  a sloped area close to the stage for smaller audiences, a steeply raked area with excellent sightlines, and seating galleries on each side of the space to enhance the sense of community.  Windows on each side of the theatre can provide natural light to the space, or can be covered with movable curtains to blackout the room and help "tune" the acoustics.  Multiple catwalks enhance theatrical lighting and acoustics as well.  These features allow the space to accommodate assemblies, lectures, movies, plays, dance recitals and concerts.

Irvington HS/MS Community Campus
Irvington, NY

Project Information


  • ​​Campus Planning

  • Renovation 

  • Transformation

  • New Construction

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