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  • 2008 Learning by Design Honorable Mention Award

  • 2007 School Planning & Management Honorable Mention Award

  • 2000 American School & University Architectural Portfolio

Pembroke Hill School
Kansas City, MO

Pembroke Hill is one of the leading independent schools in the Midwest.  Its two suburban campuses serve 1,200 students in grades pre-K through 12.  In 1996 we completed an initial master plan which would strengthen the sense of community on both campuses by carefully integrating the design of new buildings and reconfiguring the open spaces between them. 

Over the next 20 years, we completed multiple projects for the two campuses:

  • Wornall Campus (Lower School):  The 7-acre site was redesigned to rationalize open space, parking, and access, and to create a new main campus quadrangle facing a large public park.  A new 16,000 sf Early Childhood Center was constructed and the dining hall/commons was reconstructed and expanded.

  • Ward Parkway Campus (Middle and Upper Schools):   A group of buildings introduced in the 1960s related poorly to the scale and spatial arrangement of the original Georgian-style campus.   Several projects were completed to replace or reinvent those buildings, and refocus the 18-acre campus, including:

  • The new Centennial Hall Arts Center

  • The new Boocock Middle School

  • The new Upper School (Jordan Hall)

  • Conversion of the old library into an Upper School commons

  • Transformation/expansion of the science building into the new Kemper Library

Honors and Awards


  • ​​Campus Planning

  • Renovation

  • Adaptive Reuse

  • Transformation

  • New Construction

  • Multiple Projects

Project Information


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